Monday, October 8, 2012

Back from Vacation w/Pictures

Just got back from an amazing, two week long, vacation up to Ohio to see my family. Traveled by car so I got a chance to see the mountains through Tenn/Ky and a pit stop at Cumberland Falls State Park. Of course, I got LOTS of pictures while I was away. I thought I'd share those with you now :)

Cumberland Falls

Stopped in Midwest Ohio and spent some time with my mom and her significant other, James. Piqua is a nice little town, far smaller than what I'm used to dealing with. They've got some amazing scenery and a bike trail that spans miles and miles along the river, old train tracks, and nature (in general). Naples isn't nearly as bicycle friendly as it ought to be and because of this I haven't ridden a bike in well over a decade....until I enjoyed a 6.8 mile trek on the Piqua bike trails haha.  I didn't realize bicycling was so rough :)

After a few days with my mom, I headed up to N. Ohio to see my aunt and cousin's. While up there, my cousin's and I decided that I'd take advantage of the nice weather and finally make time to go to the Toledo Zoo. Normally when I am up that way, it's far too cold to enjoy it so we never go. 

 And the Girls

Definitely needed some new scenery. Was a nice change of pace from the usual, and seeing my family was amazing. I missed them so much and wish I could have spent even m,ore time enjoying their company.

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