Monday, April 29, 2013

>>>Connie and Gregor - Naples, Fl Engagement Photographer

I received a call from a friend letting me know that she and her boyfriend had just become engaged. I was the first person she'd thought of when it came to photos and she wanted to know if I would do them for her. Of course! I've worked with her on numerous shoots (I'll share a few of those with you to refresh your memory) and I'd love nothing more than to be apart of a couples' session with the two of them. But, there was a friend had just recently moved to Jacksonville (several hundred miles away) so this would be a road-trip too haha

I'll start the images off by showing some of the sessions I had done with Connie previously.

I had never been to the Jacksonville area and though I've done location scouting online, I'd never done so in a place that I couldn't then go visit with my own eyes to confirm it was a good place to shoot. I knew that I needed to find a place that was in the Jacksonville or St. Augustine vicinity because those were the two places I knew we'd be spending time. I looked up gardens and parks, and found the perfect place - an hour outside of St. Augustine. We couldn't help ourselves but to decide on it anyway, the location was amazing and was everything we all loved...all in one place!

Welcome to Washington Oaks Garden in Palm Coast, Florida! If you'd like to visit their website for information, check it out here -  Washington Oaks Garden - Palm Coast, Fl .  This place is beautiful, featuring 21 acres of lush gardens and a coquina rock-laden shore unlike any I've ever seen. It was perfect for getting a variety of shots and inspiring all of us to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Here are a few images of the location previous to our shooting there. Unfortunately, I failed to take low and high tide times into account when I was planning this. In SW Florida, the tides do not vary all that much so our beaches look nearly the same from low to high tide. This lovely stretch of beach between the water and the rocks was completely underwater during our shoot so we weren't able to utilize it. Our entire shoot was shot on top of the rocks. Maybe next time I'm there, I'll catch low tide again and can get more stellar water-scape shots to share with you guys.

And now to the beautiful couple that I got to photograph here :) 
Say, "hello" to Gregor and Connie!

We were absolutely enamored by this gazebo and the mossy trees in its background. Unfortunately, we were unable to use it too much because they were using sprinklers when we arrived and a wedding was taking place as we were passing it to leave in the afternoon. Apparently, LOTS of people are aware of what a gorgeous place this is! :)


And some outtakes!

yep, the waves got her :) 

After our shoot, we headed to St. Augustine to play like tourists. We had lunch at an amazing pizza place called, "Pizza Time". Connie and Gregor swore by the place and it didn't disappoint. Afterwards, we strolled Old Town for a bit and then hit the Fort for some afternoon Florida history lessons. I might have to share some images from that portion of my trip later, but I'll leave it at this for now. I was happy we were able to enjoy some tourist-like adventures while we were out of town, especially since I'd never been to Jacksonville/St. Augustine before this particular weekend. Definitely an amazing trip, enjoyed every second of it and was glad I got to spend it with Corey, Connie, and Gregor!


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