Friday, September 6, 2013

>>>Location Scouting>>> Naples, Fl Photographer

Corey and I went out, last weekend, to enjoy the wonderful (but hot!) Labor day weekend weather and to do some location scouting for new places to do sessions. We ended up at a park that I'd never been to and, if he'd ever been, he hadn't been to in a long while. I have a tendency of checking places out via Google Earth beforehand and this place was no exception. I like to have an idea of things before I get to see a place with my own two eyes. I wasn't disappointed!

While there, I snagged a picture of Corey and thought I might share it with you all.

I didn't get to explore the whole park as much as I would have liked, storm clouds were rolling in and threatening the end of our visit so we had to pack up and leave. This bridge (pictured with Corey) was probably my favorite part/area. The bridge is beautiful and it's surrounded by beautiful trees, dripping in Spanish moss. Oh, how I miss moss! :) It's the simple things haha

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