Friday, October 11, 2013

>>>Engagements>>> Daniel and Diana Vintage Inspired - Candice Smith Photography Naples, Fl

I recently shot a BEAUTIFUL vintage-inspired engagement session with my friends Diana and Daniel. We were granted permission to shoot their engagement session at their wedding venue and the grounds were as amazing as I had envisioned they might be. It helped that this location is one of the top local wedding venues so there were plenty of photographs to look through before seeing it in person :) 

Diana and I had, literally, been planning this session for weeks. I created a secret pinterest board so that we could share ideas back and forth regarding hair, make-up, clothing options etc and we used those to show our hair and make-up team so that they had a full understanding of our ideas and inspiration. Working with those ladies was amazing and I will make sure to link you all to their facebook pages at the end of the blog post! 

 These two are so much fun to work with! I've already had an amazing family session and a session for the purpose of announcing their engagement to friends and family. Yes, this is technically their second engagement session! I asked her about this and she informed me that a second shoot was a great excuse to get dolled up and buy a pretty dress...why yes, yes it is! :) This second engagement shoot will be their official session and will be used for their save-the-dates. This is why I especially loved that we were able to shoot at their wedding venue. Ties it all in nicely, don't you think? :)  

 I'm still gushing over how amazing this location was for our shoot and how amazing it will be for their early-2014 wedding! They have such an impeccable style about them and this venue is perfect for the two of them. I can't wait for your wedding, Daniel and Diana! :)

 Shout Outs!

hair: Maite from Hair Master Salon
make-up: Karla from Studio K

Thank you so much to Maite (hair) and Karla (make-up) for the AMAZING job you did! Your work definitely helped bring to life the vintage feel we were all going for!

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