Monday, August 11, 2014

"G" Family - Candice Smith Photography in Naples, Florida

Due to a family health situation, my cousins were recently down from Ohio to visit with all of us and share in the situation that has befallen one of our members. I made sure that on one of those days I was able to kidnap my youngest cousins, if only for a little while, to take photos of them. It's been a couple of years since we've seen each other and I wanted to make sure I captured them in this moment. I thought I'd share some of the images I captured. I'd have more to share but the weather was not kind to us on the day we planned for this.

After hanging out with them for the day, I decided that hitting the beach would be nice. I knew that sunset would be incredibly pretty considering the rain clouds that had gathered earlier and forced my portrait session to end early. Sunset didn't disappoint! 


And as we walked along the beach, helping the unusual amount of starfish return to the water, we met a father who had brought his kids over from the other coast of Florida. They had watched the sunrise in West Palm Beach and traveled the 2-3 hours across the state in order to catch sunset right here in Naples. One of the children ran across my frame as I was capturing the sunset shots (above) of the pier. Though my idea didn't quite pan out, as I need to practice this technique more often, I asked the father if I could steal his children for a couple of photos and he allowed it. I simply asked them to run along the waters' edge, like they had just done, and I'd capture it. 

The end result:


And though it didn't quite pan out as I'd imagined, I have decided to venture out and try this again! Practice makes perfect! :) 


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