Friday, January 9, 2015

Candice Smith Photography - Awareness in Naples, Fl

As I share these photos from my latest session, I thought I would explain the significance with you all. This shoot was done in honor and awareness for 2 conditions that affect our families (mine and my models) for which purple is the awareness color.

I wear purple in honor, awareness, and support for Pancreatic Cancer which has affected my great-grandmother and both her sons, my great-uncles. One of those uncle's was still in a fight against it as I planned and shot this session. And my model, Connie, wears purple in honor, awareness, and support for her father who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Because of the significance this session has for the both of us, I'd like to thank you all for the love and support you have shown towards it. I'm happy we were able to share our images with you and that they have been so well received. 

As serious as the concept of this shoot was, she and I always have a blast working together! If that video wasn't proof enough, here are a few out-takes and behind the scenes images to showcase this even further :) 

Barefoot and poison ivy = bad mix so Corey carried her to a safer location!

His voice is the one you hear at the end of this next video...


Unfortunately, my Uncle was unable to continue his battle with advanced stage pancreatic cancer and passed away in the early afternoon hours of Dec 22nd. He put up a tough fight, making it several extra months and defying several doctors' opinions in the process. Contrary to their belief, he was able to make it to his 42nd wedding anniversary, his 63rd birthday, and Thanksgiving 2014. Those moments, and the extra time we had with him, will be cherished by our family forever.  

RIP Uncle Bill
We love and miss you! 


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