Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Candice Smith Photography - Sarah Senior Session in Naples, Florida

I had the privilege of working with a young woman named Sarah recently. I've known her for a little while now as she is the younger sister of one of my long-time school friends. She recently moved to the area from their home state of Pennsylvania and she had fallen in love with the scenery and weather here so, though she had recently graduated already, she wanted to shoot a senior session down here as well and I was happy to take part in it.

Before our session I make a point, as I do for all clients, to help with outfit choices. I give them tips, tricks, and advice, and have gone so far as to raid their closets with them or tag along while they go shopping for new outfits for their session. This was no exception. A week prior to Sarah's session I raided her closet for a few choices AND went on a shopping trip so that I could help her purchases 1-2 new outfits for her upcoming session. I absolutely adore her spunk, style, and the way she carries herself so we had an amazing time picking everything that we wanted to have for the day of. Each of us was getting more and more excited and couldn't wait for the actual session!

Day of...

Our session was supposed to be shot in 2 locations (the beach and a "secret" spot of mine) starting just after sunrise but we were unfortunately struck with a cold front that arrived a day and a half sooner than expected. Our beach session was cancelled due to the extreme wind and chilly conditions but we did make an attempt to try it. I got a few photos to illustrate just how crazy the wind was and we had fun doing it too!

After about 20 minutes though it was time to go! We decided to take a few hours to let the temperature climb a bit and then we'd meet up again at our second location. I was definitely happy to see the weather make a nice turn around so that we'd have beautiful light, temperature, and a gentle breeze to make the session amazing.

For more images from Sarah's session, check out this mini slideshow created for the occasion.

Candice Smith Photography - Sarah's Senior Session by Slidely Slideshow


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