Thursday, November 17, 2011

Portraits in Natural Light

There are plenty of ways to go about taking portraits. Some people opt to work from a studio, either from home or in an office space, and never leave the comfort of their fixed location. Some people opt to shoot on location, whether it be in a home or an outdoor location (i.e beach, park, open field etc). Some people have a fixed studio location, but are willing to travel to location shoots. And finally, some people choose not to shoot indoors at all. I know at least one person who fits into each of the above situations. Basically, a person chooses how they want to operate their portrait shooting based on a multitude of reasons. Mostly, I have found that these are based on: convenience and personal preference, as most decisions are :)

For me, I think it's mostly about personal preference. When I first started in photography, I shot nature and wildlife. Obviously, these are done outside and in natural light (good or bad). When I transitioned to portraits, I had adjusted to natural light and the settings I'd need in order to capture a subject nicely in it. I think my preference to shoot outdoors is also based on my preference, simply, to be outdoors rather than indoors. I prefer nature - I like being outside. I find great inspiration in being outside - It brings with it, a nice energy and vibe, which I feed off of.



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