Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Happiest Baby

So, I had a session with a one year old little girl the other day. She's the daughter of a former classmate, and it was the first time meeting her and the first time seeing her mother (again) since we were in middle school. Decided that the best location to shoot outdoors was a local park. We'd originally wanted to take shots at a local state park, but the wilderness and the lack of cold weather this winter meant that the mosquitoes were simply too bad to risk it. The local park is in town, this is part of the spray area to control mosquito populations in high populated areas of the county. Anyway, local park it was! :)

I've shot at this park many time, but it was the first time that either the parents or the child had ever been here. It's a beautiful park, made even more beautiful by the amazing weather and the morning hour that we chose to go. Mid-week in the a.m = quiet. I've never been to the park so early and now I wonder why. I think I'll have to enjoy this park more and more in the early hours :)

Now that the mother has gotten her images, I'll share a few of them here with you now.

Holding close to her momma. We hadn't fully warmed up to the idea just yet :) But, the frog comes out soon and it's all good from there haha. 
 See...frog! :)

She has got to be the happiest child I've ever met. Just look at that giggle face (above!) - isn't she just a doll? She absolutely loved my boyfriend. He entertained her with silly noises and faces to get her to warm up to us, and to get these sorts of faces from her. He had a little green frog plushie, which she fell in love with. A good chunk of our images, towards the end, had him in them because she wouldn't put it down haha

and snacks...snacks are always good :)

She hated this tunnel. Her momma had to climb in so she'd feel safe. Before these two shots, she'd been crying over being in here alone. See how quickly she reverts back to being happy? It didn't hurt that my boyfriend was playing with a bluejay plushie and was singing (and whistling), "this little birdie goes tweet tweet tweet". haha

According to her momma, baby learned to walk 2 days before our session. Though I believe her, *I* didn't get to see it. Her mother said she was having trouble adjusting to walking in shoes, which I believe. She was more apt to TRY to walk once the shoes came off. I think she just found it far easier to crawl, allowed her to investigate faster. This was a new place after all :)

And would you just look at those eyes! Gorgeous! I'm incredibly jealous :)

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