Sunday, June 3, 2012

{Wedding} Christian and Sassy (Update)


I promised to do another blog update about the happy couple once they'd gotten a chance to get back from their honeymoon and see the images that we'd been able to capture for the two of them. They've since come back from their honeymoon and sat down with the other photographer to see everything. I just want to start this blog off by telling you that the whole thing was rather incredible. Not only was this the first wedding I'd ever shot (even though I was a second shooter), but this was the first wedding I'd ever even attended. You heard right! At 25 years old, I have never attended an actual wedding. The closest I've come was my youngest brother who had a simple gathering of our family in a courthouse and recited after a JP. Anyway! :) Back to the story...

We booked this wedding, literally, a few days prior to the event. We only met the bride and groom the night before the ceremony. It was by sheer fate/luck/coincidence that we ever got to that point. The other photographer (my friend who owns her own studio) had walked into the groom's place of work, for personal reasons, and had given him her business card as a way to contact her if he was able to give her further information or help regarding her visit. I don't know the details once he realized a photographer had just walked in, and he was in need of one considering he was getting married in less than 4 days, but I can imagine it was pretty amusing :) I got a call several hours later regarding the opportunity and a meet-n-greet with the bride and groom over dinner. 

At dinner, we find that they have pulled this wedding together in 2 weeks with the help of an amazing support system - the MOH, her best friend for over a decade and his BM, along with their parents. They'd planned to get married last year and, for reasons unknown to me, it was postponed. Two weeks prior to our meeting however, I guess the reason was no longer current or valid and they just couldn't wait any longer. They wanted to be married! :)

The ceremony was filled with a group of family, friends and co-workers, some local and some who'd traveled many miles by plane or car to make sure they got to see the couple on their big day. There were kinks, as every good event will have, but as I told the groom before his bride walked down the aisle, "regardless what happens (i.e the wind, the late arrival, the gathering of a public audience of beach-goers haha), at the end of the day as long as you can say you're married, that's all that counts, right?" He took a deep breath, nodded his agreement and turned his eye to the aisle just as she ascended the stairs leading her to him. At sunset on April 22, 2012, they were married. All the worries they'd had beforehand had vanished and they got to enjoy the rest of their night without a care in the world.

Congrats to Christian and Sassy!
A little over a month ago, I was asked to take part in the shooting of a local beach wedding. My friend owns her own studio and fell into the gig by sheer accident and was happy to accept the request from the bride and groom. I, too, was happy to take part in their nuptials and capture some amazing moments that the two shared during the course of their evening. The day was gorgeous, the couple was gorgeous, and (excuse my bias haha), the images we created for them are too.

I'll share, with you, some of the images that I took during the event. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking and creating them. If you'd like to see more from the wedding, please check out my facebook at Candice Smith Photography 

You can also see pictures posted by the other photographer on HER fb page, found here: A Simple Touch Photography

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