Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Trends June 29

This week, instead of two separate images, I will be combining two stores since they are owned.operated by the same corporation. Today's Thursday Trends comes from Sears and Kmart, and focuses on the use of patterns. - "Prints being a significant trend this year have seen fashionistas rocking out in their leopards, zebras or cheetah. Floral patterns have also been seen as well as various geometrical or abstract shapes on various trend-setters and even the casual aunties and uncles are wearing them loud and proud."

For those feeling exceptionally bold, famecherry offers tips on wearing print-on-print fashions. The article can be found here: Wearing Print-on-Print/ "There are prints, and then there are PRINTS. All caps are necessary to describe the vibrant, swirling, styled-head-to-toe patterns that sashayed down the spring 2012 runways. While there’s plenty to choose from—oversize florals, mirrorlike geometric shapes, even parrot prints...."

"With so many pixilated prints and swirling graphics, it’s clear someone’s been having fun with Photoshop. If you’re feeling tired of classic patterns like plaids, stripes and polka dots, then spring 2012’s futuristic-print trend is for you. To keep things in this day and age (and not, say, full-on Jetsons era), pair a techno-print piece with something simple like a won’t-go-out-of-style-for-light-years t-shirt."

And finally, tips on wearing and incorporating prints into your wardrobe: 2012 Trendy Prints

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