Wednesday, March 20, 2013

>>>Class of 2013 and 2014>>> Naples Fl Senior Photographer

Another school year is about to end, and the next will begin. So many end of the year events to take part in, create memories of, and cherish for the rest of your days. I truly hope that each of you takes the time to enjoy what's left in your high school experience because it goes by so quickly, trust me.

My love for photography was driven by a graduation trip that I took to the Bahamas during the Fall before my 2004 graduation. Unfortunately, my appreciation wasn't fully realized until after leaving high school...when I realized that I had no photographs to tell my story. I have no photos of my friends or of myself from those days. I have my memories, but I have no photographs of the time I spent at Gulf Coast. Because of this, I want to leave you with this...

 For those of you who haven't had senior portraits done, it's not too late. I'm not writing this to drum up business, I'm writing this because I feel it is truly important to have images of this time in your lives. I'd love to capture this moment for you, but there are also plenty of other talented photographers in the area who feel the exact same way. Do some research, find someone who's style matches your own and who you feel connected to. And, if I just happen to be someone you connect with, drop me a line 'cause I'd be happy to hear from you!

If not, than I'm here just to let you know that, after all was said and done, my only regret in high school was not having my senior photos taken. I'm not even in my own senior yearbook. At the time, I didn't think I'd care all that much about it but I was most definitely wrong. It didn't happen right away, but that feeling of regret slowly crept in on me and I wish I'd taken the time to have someone capture that time for me. I don't wish that feeling on anyone so, for those of who who haven't done so yet or have been on the fence as to whether you want to have them taken or not, do it! I promise you won't regret it, but you just might regret choosing not to.

 And for those of you who will be graduating next year, it's not too early to consider having your senior portraits taken. It's not too early to check out all of the local photographers in order to find someone who's style you appreciate and connect with. I urge you all to take some time and do some research, find someone who suits you. If I happen to be someone you'd consider, drop me a line! If not, that's perfectly alright too :) Just don't let the opportunity pass you by 'cause, like I said, time flies and it'll be over before you know it!


And I'll leave you all with this final thoughts:

>>>Spend time with your family, especially if you're planning on moving away to college. You leaving is just as big a transition for them as it will be for you. 

 >>>Make time with your friends. Some of you will find jobs and some of you might move away to college, making it harder to find time to see one another. This is the time when you can see them just about as much as you'd like, take advantage! :)

>>>It's important to find a nice balance between work and play, so make sure you make time for both. 

>>>Enjoy it!

>>>And finally...Congratulations!

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