Monday, April 1, 2013

>>>Maines Family>>> Naples, Fl Portrait Photographer

For this family, I have photographed them for the last 2 years now. My first shoot with them was shortly after their daughter turned one. And, this year, shortly after she had turned two. I'll share a few images from their previous session as a refresher, and then will show you their most recent session only a week ago.


And now 2013

It's amazing to see the difference a year can make. When I saw her last, she was just barely walking. This year, she was walking, running, name it. She's turned into quite the character, not surprising considering her parents. If they are any indication, she'll end up with an amazing sense of humor :) 

 Prior to the shoot, Mom asked me to try to sneak in photographs of her husband and daughter together. Last year, he played shy and avoided the camera. In the year since, their daughter has turned into quite the daddy's girl so she made it loads easier to get the two of them in front of the camera together. I don't know if he planned on being a subject, but I know that he loved the end result so I'm glad that I was able to capture those for them.

I was stoked to be able to see them and capture photographs for them again, we had a blast. And, I hope I'm able to capture them year after year.

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