Monday, March 4, 2013

>>> German Fest 2013>>> Naples Fl Photographer

My Church has hosted a local German Festival for the last six years, this year was no exception. This year, we were fortunate enough to have time on our hands that allowed us to volunteer ourselves to help everyone get set up. My boyfriend and I arrived as early as we could, and immediately began trying to make ourselves useful. Most of our initial efforts revolved around sorting out serious electrical issues - the bands' equipment kept popping breakers and some of the power outlets weren't working at all (they'd broken some how). By the time we figured out how to bypass the broken outlets and keep the breakers from tripping, it was about time to start the festival.

Because we knew we'd be staying for the entertainment value of the festival too, I made sure to bring my camera. I was aware that Pastor was always looking for event photos for the website and such so I offered to share with them what I took during the day. I'll be giving him a disk within the next few days, but thought I'd share some of the images with all of you too :)

What is a festival without some dancing? 

and what about some face painting?

and, of course, live music!

Yep, lots of fun was had by all. I was just glad we were able to help out this year too. It's nice to be able to give of your time and help someone when they need it.

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