Saturday, May 18, 2013

>>>A Few B&A's to Share>>>

Every once in a blue moon I like to share some B&As (before and afters) with my fans. I find that it helps people to better understand my post-processing technique, style etc. I also do this because, lets face it, as a photographer, I DO have a "slow season" especially since I'm new and do not have an established client-base...yet :)

Until now, my B&As have been shared via facebook only. Because I prefer to have everything evenly shared amongst all of my outlets, I'll start sharing those here too. To start you off, here are some from my more recent sessions.

For this first one I needed to warm up the tones just a bit. With all of the foliage, I saw a lot of green reflected into the skin tones and lighter areas in the images. 

For the second image: I mostly just wanted the entire session to feel light, airy, and romantic. The couple obviously portrayed romance, so I wanted the edits to compliment the tone of the session as we were shooting it.

For the third image: I was almost entirely focused on removing the balloon from the image. Though is was a lovely addition to most shots, as it was a birthday session for this sweet 2 year old, I found it distracting in THIS image. The focus was on the sweetness between a dad and his daughter, and I wanted nothing to take away from the moment.

And the fourth image: This edit was mostly about lightening and bringing out a more natural red tone in his hair. I wanted the image to showcase how his hair color as it would appear if you are face-to-face with him. I also cropped the image to remove unwanted background elements that were in the original image.

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