Saturday, May 18, 2013

>>>M+B - Mommy and Me>>> Naples, Fl Family Photographer

I've recently gotten in touch with old classmates, from both middle school and high school. One such person shot me a message because she was interested in participating in the "mommy and Me" sessions I'd recently begun promoting on my facebook page. There are days that it seems so strange that my old classmates, whom I knew between the ages of 10-18, are married, have kids etc :) I guess I forget that I'm almost 27 now haha

We'd originally discussed setting up a session at a local beach, one that I had not had the privilege of shooting at yet. Unfortunately, with a 30mph wind and gusts even stronger, a session at the beach was unlikely to go well. We opted for a park, which I was also unfamiliar with, instead. It turned into a marvelous day for a park session :)

And, because we were unable to do the beach shoot this time around, his mom and I have been discussing a beach session later on during the summer. Can't wait! :)

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