Sunday, May 26, 2013

>>>Location Scouting>>> Collier County (Naples, Fl) Photographer

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to make a day of it and make a point to visit areas in the county that we either 1) hadn't been to in awhile i.e pre-portrait photography or 2) had never been to at all. We wanted to find some new options for nature-based portrait locations to add to our ever growing list of places :) We ended up hitting 2 different locations, and failed at hitting a third because the horseflies were swarming so bad that we just weren't willing to risk getting out of the truck. Luckily it wasn't high on the list of places I wanted to see and appeared to be rather uninteresting.

I thought I'd share some pictures of our day. We actually have a photo shoot there tonight with someone, so I will have even more pictures to share with you guys later.

These first 4 were taken with my phone and shared via instagram. If you'd like to follow my instagram, do so here: CandiceSmithPhoto

You can also follow my facebook for updates, as I use that account most often. Check it out here: CandiceSmithPhoto on Facebook

The wide open fields and tall grasses were just what we were looking for! I was amazed by everything I was seeing there. I am enamored by nature, by areas that are nearly untouched by human hands. It's such a change to see how things are when left alone. The fresh air did me some good :)

Corey enjoyed, what he called, the "feel good" graffiti (i.e thoughtful/inspiring words) on these unplaced culverts. I made sure to snap a picture of him with some of it.

I also ended up using him as a focal point in several portrait shots so I could get a more realistic view of how these landscapes would appear. I needed to keep height of grass, treeline etc in mind and it's best done by having someone in the frame as a guide.

I needed updated photos of him anyway, so it was a good excuse to get him in front of the camera :)

I'm super excited to be using this place for a shoot tonight. I'll definitely be sharing some of her session with you guys asap! Keep an eye out for it! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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