Monday, June 3, 2013

>>>Sarah - Summer Prairie>>> Naples, Fl Portrait Photographer

I was contacted by a previous client who was looking to do another portrait session before the weather (rain, heat, and humidity) became so common that doing a shoot on-location might present issues. She knew she was looking for an area that offered open fields of tall grasses, with wildflowers if possible. I blogged about the location scouting adventure last week. If you haven't read it, feel free to check that out as well: Location Scouting

I managed to find the perfect place and visited it the day before the shoot to ensure that the recent rains hadn't turned it into swamp. To my surprise, and contrary to what park officials had told me, the area was almost completely dry.

We ended up choosing this area - It was wide open, thigh-high green grasses, and a few areas of little yellow flowers. Perfect!

The weather was about perfect too....for the first half. We started the session just after 6pm, with a gentle breeze, a nearly cloudless sky, and the most amazing light!

The outfit choices complimented the feel of this session so well. I even went shopping with them a few days ahead of the shoot for an additional outfit choice. We ended up deciding on this cotton strapless dress (above) as it was: simple, stylish, flattering, and matched well with the white sun hat (that I own) that we wanted to have as an accessory. 

For the second half - we incorporated bits of clothes that were already owned and in their closets. Oddly enough, these pieces are not dresses but were altered via pins/clips so that she could wear them in this fashion. The tie-dye "dress" is actually a long strapless shirt and the black strapless "dress" is actually a full-length skirt. Her sense of style is impeccable! I loved everything she brought with her to the shoot!

About this time, clouds started rolling in and covering the sun. We were losing the amazing "summer glow" that we were looking for. Reflectors did us little good because of the thickness and spread of the clouds, so "light" and the airy clouds were added to the images via editing. Definitely didn't want the "doom and gloom" to show up in this light and free-spirited session! :)

With permission and approval, I also asked to incorporate a new prop into the session. Because of the feel of this one, I thought it would be perfect to use it. It was created by my sister-in-law specifically for this shoot. She can create them for anyone else as well. Please visit her etsy listing here: C Fuller Design - Floral Garland Headband

I absolutely LOVED shooting this session with her. Everything aligned perfectly for it and I couldn't have asked for a better client, location, weather on the day of etc.


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