Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Candice Smith Photography Naples, Fl - Skare Family

I had the privilege of meeting a friend of a friend when I put out a call for a few kids to do some free promo work with me. After receiving the free images of her children, I received a message from her about setting up a family session for the holidays. I was absolutely thrilled to hear from her and even more excited to see the kids again and shoot the WHOLE family this time. I think I'll start this blog off with the review she sent me after receiving images from THIS session...and then I'll share some of my favorite images.

and a few candid shots...'cause who doesn't love those?!

The kids had a blast on the beach. I quickly learned that they are rarely ever there which meant that they were going to run wild and free any time we turned away from them, even if only for a second :) That water and sand was SO tempting for them..they were covered in it by the time our session ended! We had a blast! 


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