Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fell Family - Candice Smith Photography Naples, Florida

 In the mix of the holidays and 2 weddings, I forgot to blog this session so I'm doing so now.

My friends, Connie, and Gregor, were recently stationed in Hawaii for a few years and I was contacted by Connie when she was making an impromptu visit to Naples a few months ago. She wanted to get together for a family session, on the beach, with her parents. Of course, I said yes!

Connie has the distinct honor of boasting some of the best (and the most) out-takes per session so I knew that the family session would likely result in the same sort of hilarious shenanigans that I know Connie for. I mean, where else would she get her sense of humor?! :)

Notice the hat? 

(hint: it traveled so look again if you missed it)

And her parents are especially sweet. They're so at ease, with one another and in front of the camera, that I was able to capture some moments of togetherness that people rarely want to display in public....but especially on camera.

And the bond they share as a family is truly beautiful to watch. 

See? I WAS right! She gets it from her parents! :) 


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