Thursday, March 13, 2014

Diana's Bridal Boudoir - Candice Smith Photography Naples, Florida

I recently shot a bridal boudoir with my friend Diana. This was only the second time (the first was ages ago) that someone had requested this kind of session so I was super excited to try my hand at it again. 

Before our session, we discussed inspiration (Pinterest came in handy for this!), as well as wardrobe, hair, and make-up. After deciding on all of these, we lined up an amazing hair and make-up artist to work with. After working with her on several other shoots that I've done with Diana in the past, we've all become friends. You can find the hair/MUA on FB here: Karla at Studio K

Because of the nature of this session, I've been understandably limited to sharing only a few face shots from her session.  That's okay though :) What better way to showcase a woman than through her beautiful eyes?

And, just 2 weeks after shooting this session, she and her husband tied the knot! Congratulations!

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