Monday, March 3, 2014

Traugott Wedding 2014 - Candice Smith Photography Naples, Florida

What an amazing way to start the New Year! Day 2 of 2014 and these two became husband and wife!

Traugott Wedding by Slidely Slideshow

The location the two of them picked was absolutely stunning! The first thing I did, upon learning of their venue, was check out the website and google images to see what I'd be working with. I've never been here before and, because it was a 3 hour drive from home, wasn't able to see it in person until the day before the wedding. To say that I was super excited about what I was seeing on google was an understatement and this place didn't disappoint!

venue: Estate on the Halifax in Port Orange, Fl (near Daytona)
website: Estate on the Halifax
facebook: Tavern and Chapel - Estate on the Halifax FB Page

Before anything can begin though, our bride needs to get into hair and make-up! 
makeup and hair by: Updos for You by Katelyn in Orland Florida

Now that hair and mae-up are done, it's time to get married! Inside that cozy chapel, a small gathering of family and friends watched as Chris and Katie vowed to love and cherish one another so long as they both shall live.

and afterwards, all gathered outside to celebrate in the beautiful garden that surrounds the venue. And bubbles.........we mustn't forget the bubbles! :)

Longtime friends make for amazing wedding fun, which also means really fun out-takes!

"married couples unite!"

and after a beautiful walk through the garden and mingling with guests during cocktail hour, all headed inside to celebrate with music, dancing, and cake!


Congrats to Chris and Katie! Thank you for allowing me, as both your friend and photographer, to take part in such a personal and beautiful occasion! It was amazing and I wish you both all the love, happiness, and success that life has to offer.


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