Thursday, April 2, 2015

Before and Afters - Candice Smith Photography in Naples, Fl

I haven't posted before and after images in awhile so I thought I'd share some of them with you in this blog today.

Many of you may notice that, for the most part, there aren't any major differences between the before and after images. This is because I am a firm believer in making sure that I get it right (or as close to right) in camera as I can. Photoshop is great but it is simply one tool, of many, in my process and I don't believe in relying on it to save a photo that wasn't shot well enough in the first place. 

Another reason that there is very little difference between the before and after images is because of my editing style.  My art lends itself towards clean and classic. Though I have tried many a different style, my clients appreciate my evolution to what I showcase now. :)

That's enough explanation though - on to the beautiful before and after images!

The sun was incredibly bright on this day, with little cloud cover to help us out, which created a haze over her top half. As you can tell, most of the edit revolved around bringing her features out of the haze so that focus was brought back to her face.

You'll notice that very little was changed here. My edit mostly consisted of brightening the whole image and adding a bit more light to the face and eyes to draw the viewers attention.

This edit consisted mostly of removing the blue color cast on the skin, a product of the reflection of silver bleachers in bright sunlight, and brightening up the face and eyes in order to draw attention directly there.

Like me, this client is very fair-skinned so my edit mostly consisted of warming her skin tone and brightening her face and eyes in order to draw the viewers eye directly there.

And this final edit, like all of the others, mostly consisted of ensuring that the face was brightened in order to draw the viewers eye where I wanted it to focus.

As you can tell, I don't do a lot of tweaking in post-production. Though clean editing can still be time-consuming work, I have found that getting it (as close to) right in camera saves me a ton of time on the editing portion of the process thus I have spent a lot of time learning how to do just that!

I hope you've enjoyed getting a sneak peek into the before and afters of my editing process as much I enjoyed editing these sessions and sharing their images with you!


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