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Fleming Wedding June 2015 - Candice Smith Photography in Naples, Fl

I had the honor of being both the bride's friend (since middle school) and the photographer for her June 2015 wedding and I can't express just how thankful I am that I was able to play both of those roles and take part in such an important moment in her life.

Without further ado, I present Tiffany and Joshua Fleming and images from their June 6, 2015 wedding.


Make-up Artist
Dairy Rodriguez with Make-up by Dairy

I was thrilled to learn that Tiffany would be hiring Dairy to do the wedding make-up for her and the girls. It was awesome getting to work with her on something again and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

  Tiffany's dress was absolutely beautiful and she looked stunning in it!

Ceremony and Reception Location
Erin's Isle Restaurant in Hibiscus Club 

Erin's Isle was chosen as their venue because it held personal sentimental value to the bride and her mother.  The restaurant, and much of it's staff, have been part of their lives for many years now. The bride's mother worked there for a long while and it was also the very first place that the bride herself was employed as a teenager. I went to the restaurant, with the bride, to talk to the owner in advance of the wedding and it was quite apparent just how overjoyed he was that his restaurant was going to be part of such an important event for her.

 The bride and groom formals, as well as the wedding party formals, were such a blast to photograph. These two, and their best friends, are such characters and their personalities truly shine! Because they ARE such characters, the outtakes and the silly moments have turned out to be mine and the bride/groom's favorite images from their day :)

Take a peek at the following images and I'm sure you'll begin to see why...

 Back to being serious...
but only for a minute. Eventually, their crazy friend reappear and the craziness ensues..

 and then it was time for their entrance into the reception, where their guests had been 
patiently waiting for them so that they could all get the party started!

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