Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wentworth Family - Candice Smith Photography in Naples, Fl

I met Kayleigh and her two boys last year when I was promoting Spring Mini Sessions for CSP. We discussed it for a couple of weeks and I was beyond stoked to finally meet them all face-to-face and photograph them. If you haven't seen their first session, you can find it by clicking the link below:

J&J Spring Minis 2015

I was recently contacted to do a full family session that would include her husband, their father, because they hadn't done family portraits since their youngest son was born. Yea, it was definitely time to change that! I was so happy she contacted me so that I could ensure they got new portraits!

Leading up to the session, FB memories informed us both that we had been friends for a year and that it had been a year since we photographed that first session. I was in the process of editing their second session when I was tagged in a post that showcased the very reason that I love my job as a photographer so much!

"A year ago Candice took this amazing picture of me. I'm so happy I met her. She gave me strength as a mom by showing me the joy in my children through these amazing pictures!!! 
Cannot wait to see this years." - Kayleigh

Not going to lie, I got a little teary-eyed! I love my clients and I LOVE being able to capture their family, their moments, and allow them to look back on a physical thing that reminds them of it year after year. I LOVE MY JOB! :)

If you'd like to watch their slideshow video, complete with a light sabre battle, check out their video on youtube here: Wentworth Family Slideshow Video

To Kayleigh,

Thank you so much for trusting me with something as important as your family moments and for allowing me to know you and your precious family. I'm so glad that we met and am happy to call you my friend!  


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