Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Good Old Nature Day

Because I'm now trying my hand at portraits, it's been awhile since I've gone somewhere nature-oriented and snapped shots. I decided that this perfect weather we're having would make for a great reason to be outdoors. I spent Saturday doing portrait shots (outdoors, of course) and I spent today in nature. I thought I might share some of the images I shot today.

One of the first shots I snagged, I think it might be the best butterfly shot I have ever managed to capture. I am quite proud of this image.

This nature-oriented location had a bit of everything - a garden, several ponds, boardwalks, swampland etc. I got a wide variety of animals, plants, etc because of this. One of my favorite places were the pond areas. I snapped these three images (in separate ponds):

As much as I love portraits, I find something quite calming about getting back to my roots (at least once in awhile), and snagging some amazing nature images.

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