Sunday, July 8, 2012

{Wedding} Matt and Erin Caulder

June 30, 2012

I recently attended a wedding, as a guest, for my boyfriend's sister, Erin. She wasn't hiring a professional photographer and was asking that those with cameras, bring them and, shoot at her ceremony and reception. Between myself, my boyfriend, and a bridesmaid and HER boyfriend, the bride was able to get plenty of images of her special day.

Now that the bride, groom, and their families have viewed the images; I'll share a few of my favorites that were taken on our end of the photo-taking.

{Bride as she waits for the start of the ceremony}

{One of the Bridesmaid as she also waits for the ceremony to begin} 

{The Party waiting as the Bride enters the Church}

{Emotional Bridemaids and Mother-of-the-Bride}

{Mr. and Mrs. Caulder as they exit the Reception}

Absolutely loved attending this wedding. I've known the bride and groom for 5+ years now, the length of time that they've been together and the length of time that her brother and myself have been together. In that time, I've found that the two of them were made for each other. They truly are amazing people, with amazing friends and family that support and love them and were as equally proud to attend the wedding and we were.  
 It was a pleasure. Congrats to Matt and Erin!

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