Thursday, November 8, 2012

{Self-Portraits} Couples' Session - Naples Fl Couples' Photographer

So, my boyfriend (Corey) and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on October 21. We're both photographers, his more as a hobby, so we are rarely ever in front of the camera. I can count, on one hand (minus cellphone shots), the number of photos the two of us have been in together previous to our year anniversary so I thought we should get out and do a couples' session.

A few key points
1) I rarely wear makeup. I, literally, wear it about 3-5 days out of the year. For photos though, I knew I wanted to have a makeup artist do camera-ready makeup. Through a local photographer, I found a local MUA and booked her.

2) Corey has a very limited fashion sense. I love him, but it's true haha It was a pain trying to get our clothes coordinated the way I envisioned because I knew he'd never agree to go shopping (for himself) for a new outfit. Luckily for me, his sister had recently gotten married and he had a very nice short-sleeved button down to my fave color on him since it brings out his beautiful green eyes.

3) We were running out of daylight. I forgot the sun was setting earlier and earlier since we were getting close to DST (Oops!). I had planned on doing more shots, in various locations, but there simply wasn't enough time to continue shooting...especially since he'd also booked a reservation at a local Italian sit-down that I'd been dying to eat at.

Thought I'd share my faves from our session though.

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