Sunday, December 9, 2012

{Portraits} Sarah - Naples Fl Portrait Photographer

I recently had a shoot at a local beach with a beautiful girl that I met through a friend. We set up a session at a local beach, not knowing that a beach restoration project was in the works and that the only direct access to the beach was taped off due to boardwalk construction. Oops!

My friend, boyfriend, and I improvised a plan and made our way to the beach anyway. It's not private, so we couldn't get into trouble for trespassing. It was simply a matter of precaution to place the tape, and once we got to the beach, we realized why. After several cold fronts, bringing choppy water to the area, about half of the usual length of beach was completely washed away. The water, during high tide, was capable of reaching all the way up to the steps of the boardwalk! Never seen it that way before.

 This particular beach has two sets of rocks which, because of missing sand, were more prominent than usual. This turned out to be a good thing, because more rocks = more surface area to keep everyone out of the water and, in December, the water was COLD! :)

This girl was a trooper and braved the water and the wind to take some amazing photos during this session. I'm hoping to work with her again once it's warmer *hint hint* as I think being able to actually get IN the water would make for an interesting addition to a beach session with her. Something tells me she'd (originally) hoped the weather would be warmer than it was for that very reason. Maybe next time :)

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