Monday, February 3, 2014

Brian and Trinidad Flenner Wedding - Candice Smith Photography Naples, Fl

You may remember a certain steampunk inspired engagement session with Brian and Trin this summer. If not, you can find a link to that sessions blog post here: B&T's Steampunk Inspired Engagement Shoot

Because I am friend's with the couple, I was privy to the details of their wedding planning and the DIY-Steampunk and Fall inspired decorations that would be gracing their Nov 2013 wedding. And, because I am a friend, I also got to help set everything up. I was excited both for their union (no two people deserve that happiness more) and because I knew that the event itself would be beautifully planned and decorated. It made my photographer's heart giddy! :)

Let's start with some Rehearsal images:

Yep, the wedding party climbed into a tree, that they've climbed in since they were all children, at church after the rehearsal. Was priceless! :)

And now, for the big day starting with hair and make-up images:

The wedding fell on the same day as the Dr Who 50th Anniversary celebration. And, as any fan girl MUST do, the girls had to check out the google logo art that was created to honor the occasion. Yes, we geeked out just a wee bit :)

Such a sweet father-daughter moment just before walking her down the aisle to her future husband.

And the Fall Steampunk-inspired decorations + candy bar:

They spared nothing, those details were amazing and I was obsessed with her color palette! And just look at this cake....

Their ceremony and reception took place in the church that both of them grew up in. The history the two have here, separate and together is amazing! It was the perfect place for them to celebrate their new chapter! 

After the ceremony, before the reception, we decided to take advantage of the available sunlight and shoot some of their formals near the tree that they climbed as children. Yep! the one they climbed, as adults, the night before just after rehearsal :) Afterwards, we re-entered the church to take some formals at the altar with the church's beautiful stained glass window.

And now, for the party!

Congratulations to both of you! Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives both as a friend and as the photographer to capture these memories of your beautiful wedding!


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