Tuesday, December 18, 2012

{Portraits} Miss "M" - Naples Fl Children's Photographer

Back in October, I did a session with a friend's God-daughter for Halloween. She was the cutest lil' ladybug I'd ever seen, and if you want to see images from that session too, please follow this link {Portraits} Lil' Ladybug

Earlier this month, I got the opportunity to work with her again for Christmas photos. My friend and I what she should wear, props and accessories, and locations (ended up deciding on my favorite place to shoot). The two of us were super excited by all of the arrangements we were making, which made Miss M super excited to take part in it too. The best part for her though, we bribed her with a cookie and play-time with my boyfriend/assistant. At our last session with her, she absolutely adored him and we worked it to our advantage :)

I thought I'd share some of the images from her session with you all.

 and bring on the cookies!

 and the bubbles!

and the "snow"!

and the Santa hat!

We had lots of fun, and lots of props for her to interact with. Notice the "presents" behind her in the Santa hat shot (above)? She had fun with those too. I've got a nice outtake of her kicking a stack of them to prove it :) See?

And one of her playing with my boyfriend as he RAN (yes, ran) through the park with her on his shoulders.

and more silliness!

Yep, we definitely had a blast! :)

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